Invitation to 2017 China (Jiaozuo) Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Cross-border Investment and Trade Fair

Invitation Letter
Thank you for participating in previous cross-border matching activities host by Bank of China. In order to enjoy more opportunities to understand China and to find business chances, we sincerely invite you and your enterprise to participate in the 9th International Taijiquan Exchange Competition2017 China Yuntai Mountain International Tourism Festival One Competition, One Festival for shortand 2017 China (Jiaozuo) Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Cross-border Investment and Trade Fair co-host by Henan Branch, Bank of China and The People’s Government of Jiaozuo City.
Ⅰ. Time
    15th September, 2017 to 18th September, 2017
Ⅱ. Location
    Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, China
Ⅲ. Agenda
    1. On 15th September
    Conference Registration
    2. On 16th September
    1) Visiting  Yuntai Mountain, the World Geo-park
    Or Visiting Chenjiagou in Wen County, birthplace of Taijiquan
    Or Visiting industrial district and enterprises cluster district
    2) Participating in Opening Ceremony of One Competition, One Festival.
    3. On 17th September
    One-to-One Negotiations
    4. On 18th September
    Field Investigation
Ⅳ.Focused Industries
    The Fair will focus on tourism & culture, food and beverage, high-end equipment manufacturing, automotive parts manufacturing, modern agriculture, bio-pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine processing, high-end fur and leather processing, new energies and new materials, green chemical engineering, etc.
Ⅴ. Costs
    Costs for airport pick-up after participants landing in mainland China, conference affairs, accommodation, food and beverage incurred by overseas clients and entourage during the Fair will all be borne by conference organizer.
    If you have the intention to participate in our Fair, please fill in the receipt and return to us. We do have specially-assigned officers to make connections with you. Looking forward for your coming!

Contacts: Mr. Wang Ziang, Mr. Wang Mengyu

Tel: 86-0391-8825135


The People’s Government of Jiaozuo City

Henan Branch, Bank of China